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Steps on Maintaining Timber Windows

If you follow the right steps when maintaining your timber window frames, you will not waste a lot of time. A lot of people believe that maintaining timber windows is a daunting job which is wrong. A wonderful look will be given out by your timber windows when a well planned inspection schedule is followed. If you continue reading this article, you will learn all the useful tips that will help in maintaining good shape and look in your timber windows. Moisture and bad weather are the main causes of problems to timber windows even if the causes are many.

The right care practices that should be taken on the timber windows is known by a reliable company, and due to that, it is the one you should look for. The best that can help you reduce the repair costs is looking for such companies. When moisture come into contact with our timber windows, what happen in the timber frame is that it swells or deforms. The movement of timber windows is affected when such a situation happen to them because they become sticky. You should confirm first whether the inner or outer box frame of your window has a problem before you decide to repair them.

Sticking windows can be repaired easily because the sash is the one that is disconnected from the frame. The timber will have enough time to dry, and that’s why it is essential. This process may last even for a week, but it can be fastened by stripping old paint. Micro porous paint and water based primer is used to repaint the wooden frames after they have dried up. If you would like the painting work to be done professionally a reliable company should be hired to repaint the wooden frame for you. Another problem that timber windows experience is the loose joints. After some time the glues of timber window frames will loosen up because they deteriorate. Timber window frames will expand and contract when moisture is present.

The window frames will come into contact with moisture when it is left unattended because it flows through the joints. The timber will swell when a such a case happen, and this will make the window stuck. Perfect movement of the timber windows will not occur when they swell because they will stick at some points. The frames are not removed when the joints are being repaired if the timber is not affected to the extent of losing its structural strength. The other problem that timber window suffers from is rusty hinges. Rust will likely occur if plain steel screws are the ones that are used to make the window hinges. Corrosion will be volatile if the timber is exposed to moisture. If the screws loosen up, you the situation will be worse

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