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The Story Behind Porsche – Innovation to the Limit

All grand inventions start out as ideas, a scribble on a notebook or table napkin, so to be an inventor, you need ideas. Everybody in the whole word have ideas popping in and out on a regular basis So if people have ideas all the time, the question still remains, why aren’t they inventors? Yes you need ideas, but ideas alone that lie dormant inside your head cannot automatically make one an inventor. You still need to make it, make it exist in our physical world whether it be in a form of an appliance or machine. It’s the hard work that gets put into turning one’s ideas into an actual object, be it making prototypes or simply taking it for a little spin to see whether or not it will work try seeing this for more info.

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Today we won’t be talking about inventing as a whole, but rather, an inspiring story related to it, it’s the fruit of everything we have talked about earlier and maybe you can find something to learn. Its porsche

How on earth did Porsche become the well known luxury brand that they stand today? Is it just simply the Porsche Panamera that brought Porsche into the big leagues? So get all your spreadsheets ready because we will be looking at how Porsche redefined luxury forever.

Robust Function mixed with sleek form.

The new word of the day is Horological. This word simply means the study of time’s measurement.

Luxury car brands are known for collaborating with watch makers to release high quality watches that take inspiration from cars. But Porsche is one of the few companies that seriously dived into horology.

They have utterly reshape the watch industry drastically. But how did they do something most establish brands could not? By joining both function and form. The exact same philosophy of Bauhaus when it comes to design. And that any object’s form cannot be separated from the function and the other way around.

Ferdinand could not settle with just making cars. He aspired to take his already amazing design and innovation skills to a whole other dimension.
He set out to follow his dreams, leaving his family’s business behind and started Porsche Design. And what is his first product you may ask? It was a wrist watch.

Nobody before 1972 wore a black wristwatch or even bothered to wear a black one to be exact. Ferdinand was looking around and saw that the traditional leather or gold wristwatches were somewhat lacking something. Thus his first creation, a black steel faced wristwatch that featured a bracelet and it was a hit.

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He didn’t even bother about giving it a fancy name. His wristwatch was named the Chronograph. It was inspired by airplane gauges.

You need to simply give an analogue watch a quick glance and instantly know what time of day it is. The black steel face along with the white markers gave a beautiful contrast that made this much easier.

The design was amazing and timeless. The watch still looks just as fresh as it did many years ago.

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