How to conquer the globe. Stage two?

Question by Overt Operative: How to conquer the entire world. Stage two?
As a preparing member of a shadow team bent on planet domination, you have completed phase 1: Secured the source of a large military from a populace distribute across intercontinental borders.

Phase Two
Capitalism in the prevalent enemy, and the U.S. is its guardian. The guardian must be incapacitated just before your conquest can begin. To do this you must disrupt the overseas currency market centered in NYC. A disruption of this marketplace of only a couple of months would plunge the entire capitalistic planet in chaos. The U.S. economy would crash. Investment funds would evaporate leaving the U.S. without an immediate cash pool to arm alone for warfare. This would depart you a window of opportunity of a few years to go on to phase 3.
One particular of your attempts is the destruction of the Planet Trade Towers. If this fails, the ultimate strategy would be the complete destruction of NYC, Philidelphia, Chicago, and Washington DC. This program, nonetheless, would include much more effort.

Anyone want to get a stab at stage three?
Mull above this for a although. I be back with stage three tomorrow.

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Reply by ruth
Action 3: Circulate a conspiracy theory about the assault.

Start a non secular genocide in an additional continent to divide world consideration and resources.

Lavatory down allies of the enemy with internal racial sqabbles. Toss in a number of practice bombings to instill dread.

Infiltrate the allies of that Democracy with so several of your religious trustworthy that these allies will be unable to act.

Tag anyone racist who opposes your program and attempts to tell the world.

Make the enemy Democracy seem like “imperialists.”

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