How does momentum and volatility work collectively in the currency marketplaces?

Concern by Dave aka Spider Monkey: How does momentum and volatility perform with each other in the currency markets?
Is it much better to be higher momentum and higher volatility or higher momentum minimal volatility to keep up on day-to-day currency amounts that alter ? I am not into buying and selling for each se but am intrigued in studying it . Severe inquiries only and knowledgeable enquiries only . I am attempting to learn and not losing time. Maintain world wide web internet sites to a minimum until it describes fully these two queries.

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Solution by iraqisax
All the currencies utilised right now by each region are in reality worthless. None of them have any backing. Their perceived price lies in their relative shortage in comparison to other currency.

Real money has real worth. A hundred a long time ago, nearly all nations around the world had been using gold, or silver, or the two for money. There were no trade prices. An ounce of gold in London was equal to an ounce of gold in Berlin, or Rome. Politicians ticked men and women into accepting unbacked paper currency, which enabled them to steal the people’s wealth by way of inflation. The rest is historical past.

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