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Dress Up a Preppy Style

The preppy style has long been seen in American ivy league colleges which is a fresh but elegant look. When it is summer, this is one look that those with youthfulness can pull off. From the various brands available now in the market, you can create your own classic style by knowing how to put these clothing together.

It was from the pre-college preparatory schools that the term preppy was derived, when upper middle class children in the North Eastern states of America would attend in the 1950s, which now has become a sub-culture. Since then, you would see this style every now and then on the catwalks of top designers, and many famous personalities have been seen sporting this look too. There is a wealth and sophistication look with youth and sport when sporting this look, like in tennis and sailing, although not in football and rugby.

A button down collar shirt with a subtle stripe and team it up with a blazer that is lightweight, can be achieved by men hoping to get this look with some money invest in it. To create a bolder look in this outfit, you can twin up the shirt with a cable knit sweater being worn tied around your shoulders. To get this look, you would need a crisp polo shirt where you can get inspiration from famous college brands. The labels of this outfit are taken from the name of one of the oldest colleges in the states, in lined with the collection’s aim to stay true to an all American image, even if in actuality, these clothing items are produced in another country.

Famous brands provide the market with a range of classic clean lines associated with this preppy trend, like varsity jackets, blazers, college sweatshirts, knitwer, shirts, pants, classic shirts, chinos and sweaters. Those who are bold enough can go further to accessorize in this outfit like a summer scarf and straw trilbies. To maintain a cool and sophisticated look even if you do not accessorize, you can stick to cotton blue shirts paired with navy blazer and tan brogues or boat shoes.

The basic guidelines then to be able to dress up in preppy style would be to get that attitude of sophistication and coolness, and to always wear clothing that are clean and well-tailored.

A preppy look for women is classic and simple, and you can opt for some small headbands or ribbons to add to the excitement of the style. To add a young and spirited look with colors, you can also accessorize with a well-tailored bag or canvass bag for their fine texture.

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