Why is the Pound much better than the Dollar?

Concern by tich302001: Why is the Pound more powerful than the Greenback?
At the second if I want to vacation to US it is great for me because the Pound is more powerful than the Greenback why is that?
How do People in america feel about the Dollar currently being weak on the currency marketplaces it must make it far more expensive for you to go everywhere on Holiday. Do you feel with more Uk travelers coming to New York and a lot more Uk firms location up shop in the US like Dyson vaccume cleaner (i have one and its the greatest vaccome we ever had) and HSBC and other businesses will aid strengthen the US greenback on the currency markets.

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Answer by Satisfied Feet
One explanation is the current political situation of program (the War in Iraq), but as significantly back again as I can bear in mind, the Pound has usually been more robust than the greenback, in spite of the simple fact that,for example, Sherwood Forest now has only one particular tree remaining. I think it is similar to something my father, a historian, told me about why English is spoken all over the place all around the entire world. In accordance to him, it was because the English refused to communicate any other language and so other peoples had been pressured to discover English. I believe the English are probably equally uncompromising about insisting on a increased price of their forex on the globe industry.
But as I stated, the greenback at the current time has missing its worth in comparison with practically any other forex…
I donĀ“t know what proportion of the US market place is created up by English companies, nor if this quantity is increasing. Possibly although,I believe, it is not sufficient to make a big difference as it is only 1 place and there are much more other influences on the exchange charges.

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