Volume evaluate in overseas exchange marketplace?

Question by gaonumen: Quantity assess in overseas trade market place?
I trade the foreign trade marketplace. I have a friend who trades the US inventory marketplaces.

Everytime we have lunch, he demonstrates me a bar chart that steps existing quantity for any given inventory. It is not an oscillator, it really is an aged fashioned bar chart, the higher the volume the higher the bar.

I would love to have such a point for my overseas exchange. Does any individual know if these kinds of a bar chart indicator exists for the overseas currency market?

Exclusively for the GBP/JPY.

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I use Metatrader 4 charting. It has a bar chart for quantity. The catch is that its the volume of which at any time broker that provides the charting demo.The charting is free so you dont have to be the broker buyer. It supplies volume in all timeframes and has a “Historical past Centre” that offers volume history which is down-loadable for again testing. There are hundreds of custom made indicators accessible at numerous websites.

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