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Intro to Commercial Construction

Commercial construction denotes any form of construction whose result is property for commercial used as opposed to residential or industrial properties. Construction projects such as hospitals, recreation centers, sports arenas, shopping centers, and hotels all fall under commercial construction, reconstruction of historical buildings also fall under this category as well. One construction firm is not always responsible for every aspect of the construction of commercial properties from start to finish, there are usually other parties and contractors involved, though there are the bigger and established firms that can handle every aspect of the construction.

Commercial properties are different from the residential properties because these type of properties are not made for full time residential use, therefore the rules, regulations, and requirements pertaining to commercial properties are different. People who want to turn a previous residential property to a commercial property or those who would want to build a commercial property are required to have a planning permission to be able to conduct such construction projects. The planning permission must be obtained before any construction can begin, the owner will be forced to undo any and all physical work done if construction is performed without the permission.

There are a whole lot of construction firms out on the market. Some construction firms will only begin contract after you have done all preliminary work and when you have already received planning permission. These construction firms will follow pre approved building plans that have been commissioned by the investors that want to build or develop a commercial property. Bigger established firms are much capable of being able to handle all parts of the project and can command every aspect of the construction themselves and even do the planning and design themselves.

The company is held liable to any damages, thus the it is the firm’s strict responsibility that they follow the building codes and all commercial building regulations. The regulations and building codes vary from country to country due to varying environmental conditions and national standards.

As well as partially being liable for the safety and health of the building’s occupants after construction, commercial construction firms are also responsible for the safety and health of their very own workers. All construction sites are relatively dangerous, so it is vital that the companies’ construction workers and any employees working on site follow strict safety protocols and must never be allowed entry without proper safety equipment. Any personnel working in the site should be briefed as to the value of protective clothing and gear such as hard hats and safety vests.

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