how to create a comprehensive resume for a placement of enterprise government?

Query by gerick2006: how to create a complete resume for a place of enterprise government?
organizations account that i am applying for is in the international currency market enterprise.they want to get folks who are graduates of organization classes which i am not for i finished political science and proceedined to having legislation study additional thing is that they are inclined to retain the services of to these position those who have been in the leading 20 in there course which i am not also. and lastly, is that they want to get someone coming from the far more renown or leading schools & university in the land.,which once more im not for i arrive from a unversity in the province which is not so identified for its distinct character as to that of premier faculties and universities of the land.

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Solution by tremendous genius person
I suggest you use a reddish shade of crayola crayons on a submit it notice. Also, make certain when you hand it to him you say “gee mister” at some stage in the conversation

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