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Gallium Nitrate for Equine Bone and Joint Support
Navicular bone disease or Navicular syndrome is a bone disease affecting horses. It develops as a result of the degeneration of the navicular bone and the tissues sorrounding it. Once your horse contracts this desease, it is a slow fade. The end result is lameness in horses which is quite sad. Before that happens, the horse goes though a lot of pain because any movement is torture. You will realize that your horse will start limping and then after a while, they will not want to move at all or cannot. In the past, as soon as horses were found to have navicular bone disease, they were gotten rid of. The good news however is that today, there is treatment that actually works. Your horse will have relief and will also start healing as soon as you get them on Gallium Nitrate. Here is what you need to know about Gallium Nitrate for Equine bone and joint support.
Gallium Nitrate will not only reduce the severity of lameness in navicular syndrome but it will reduce the incidence. It only takes about 2 weeks for you to start seeing changes in your horse. If you think Gallium sounds familiar, it is because it is an element on the periodic table. It is element 31 and it is just next to Zinc.
Gallium nitrate works to reduce or even stop bone resorption. It does this by increasing bone formation and therefore fixes the navicular bone. Navicular syndrome is when the navicular bone wears out and therefore if it can be formed again, that would solve the problem, wouldn’t it?
Another benefit of gallium nitrate is to relieve pain which is a huge part of bone and joint support. It had anti-inflammatory properties which is very benefitial to this syndrome. There has not been any product that works as fast as gallium nitrate and nothing has worked permanently before. It has always been that horses would find relief for a while and then the problem comes back.
Gallium nitrate is available in two different varieties with one product offering 14% gallium nitrate and the other 42% concentration. The first one lasts 14 days while the second 42 days. Both work but it depends on the severity of the disease and if you want full recovery. The longer your horse is on gallium nitrate, the more permanent thr results will be. However, you can start with the 14% bottle and then get the 42% one next.
One thing to not is that this product should not be given to horses that are pregnant, lactating or breeding. Lastly, gallium nitrate is quite affordable. You will need to consider how much you can afford to either go for the 14% product or the 42% concentrate that would last a longer time. All in all, they both do the job and in about two weeks, you will be glad you chose gallium nitrate for your horse. To make sure of this, yiu can go ahead and read testimonials from people who have tried gallium nitrate for their horses. You will find that it is worth a try. Make sure that you buy the product from legit sellers so that you find the best one.

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