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What You Need To Know About Sports Massage Therapy

Almost everybody loves massages because they are not only enjoyable but also relaxing. Massages are however important for more than just these two reasons. Sports massage in particular has far reaching benefits. Contrary to what most people think, sports massages are not just meant for athletes. Regular sports massages will not only affect how you move but also how you feel and think. Massage is basically the manipulation of our body’s soft tissues to bring on a positive effect. Massage therapy has been used for different purposes for very many years.

Sports massage falls under the umbrella of massage therapy. Patients who seek sports massage therapy have different outcomes in mind as compared to those who seek regular massage therapy. Sports massage therapy is a clinical massage that is designed to treat soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries. Sports therapy is tailored to meet each individual’s unique needs. Sports massage therapy is also a preventive measure taken by athletes to lower their chances of getting injured as they participate in various sports. Sports massage therapists need to have undergone special training to be able to identify sports related injuries.

Advanced skills are needed in sports massage therapy because the therapist has to know how to come up with techniques suited for each type of injury and be able to advise a patient on how to carry on with their life post-massage therapy.

Massage therapy comprises of a number of techniques. First is effleurage, where the therapist skims his or her hand against a patient’s skin in slow rhythmic movements to warm them to reach areas that need to be treated. Another technique is petrissage where the massage therapist compresses and releases soft tissues. Another major technique is sports massage therapy is frictions, where a massage therapist puts pressure on the injured area with the pads of their fingers and thumb so as to break down scar tissue and restore skin elasticity. Another major technique is percussion. Percussion is mainly used to ready a patient for exercises because it involves relaxing the muscles.

Sports therapy is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it relieves one of delayed onset muscle soreness. This type of massage therapy will accomplish this by improving the circulation of blood and other tissue fluids all around the body so as to prevent muscle fatigue. A number of people also get sports massage therapy to reduce their stress levels. When a person receives massage, the body releases neurotransmitters known as endorphins that reduce anxiety and improve one’s mood. You will benefit a lot from sports therapy despite your fitness goals or workout intensity.
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